Montana Skies, The Parking Spot, CHAOS!

Montana Skies
October Skies Productions is very proud to announce the completion of the Montana Skies concert DVD. OSP supervised and directed a three camera shoot of the Montana Skies’ concert at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre in Mableton, cialis sale GA. The three camera edit and DVD authoring were completed in November. Supplemental interview footage, shoot and edited by OSP, was also included on the DVD. Click here to learn more about Montana Skies. Jenn and Jon are incredibly talented!

Be sure to check out Montana Skies’ version of “Another Brick in the Wall” in the video player below.

The Parking Spot
In conjunction with Alliance Target Media, October Skies Productions continues to create quarterly updates to video loops that plays on LCD monitors in The Parking Spot’s airport shuttles. These videos consist of pre-produced advertisers’ commercials, stock photography, stock footage and pre-produced music. Each loop is customized according to The Parking Spot’s multiple markets and advertisers.

View an example of one of the loops created specifically for the Holiday Season in the player below.

Produced by LiveWire Productions and shot and edited by October Skies Productions, this video was created as a marketing tool for the new monster truck attraction CHAOS. This massive truck was shot in Nashville, TN at event locations and the Nashville Motor Speedway. Graphics, effects and pre-existing monster truck footage was incorporated to convey the high energy appeal of this vehicle. CHAOS itself is a self-contained multimedia machine that can be used for company marketing, advertising and event purposes.

View the entire video in the player below.

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