Two Skies Are Better Than One

Wow, what a busy Summer it has been! Fall has arrived and our favorite month of the year is right around the corner. We thought it would be a great time to finally update our site with some recent work.

October Skies Productions and Montana Skies teamed up again in late July/early August to film and edit 3 HD music videos for the cello/guitar/fusion duo. Over the years, October Skies and Montana Skies have worked on several projects, including a 3 camera production and edit for their 2008 concert at the Mable Barnes Amphitheatre. This time around October Skies produced promo videos for 3 Montana Skies’ songs. Each song was shot single camera with multiple takes, which were later synched in post-production along with a pre-recorded track of each song. October Skies also utilized a new orbital dolly to create dynamic and smooth camera motion during production.

We want to thank Jon and Jenn of Montana Skies for allowing us to be part of such a great project! Each video is embedded below. Be sure to click through to YouTube to view in 1080p. Enjoy!


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