About Us

October Skies Productions, Inc. (formerly Robinson Design, Inc.) has been built on high-quality work that is cost-effective. Our clientele can attest to the professionalism and creativity that has molded and formed our company. We are a small team that can give great attention to the individual client. We have several years of experience (since 1991) in the broadcast production and post-production realm, working on such projects as the NBA on TNT, corporate training videos for Coca-Cola, Ford commercials for advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, and recent projects for the SoundproX3 hearing device. We believe that every project, no matter what the size, deserves a high-quality solution.

David Robinson
President, Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist

In the early 1990’s, during a six-month internship at Editworks (currently Riot Atlanta) video post-production facility in Atlanta, GA and while attending the Art Institute of Atlanta, David fell in love with the post-production process. He absorbed all aspects of the business but gravitated towards the graphics department. He was soon given the opportunity to learn what he could about 3D animation and the Quantel Paintbox system, tethered stylus and all. He took full advantage of this opportunity and was given small project responsibilities during the internship. Upon graduation, David was hired full time by Editworks. During his initial years with Editworks, he created many 3D animation projects for local and regional clients and served as graphics and animatics support for editing sessions at Editworks. David later switched gears toward compositing and effects work when the company purchased a Flint compositing system and later a Flame. During this time he worked on projects for clients such as J. Walter Thompson, Coca-Cola, several Turner networks and the Atlanta Thrashers. By the end of his tenure with Editworks, David was also editing :30 commercials in the Flame and pushed the system with pre-feature film work for Coca-Cola. Along the way, David honed his client and project management skills and learned the important aspects of the relationship between client and artist.

After nearly 10 years with Editworks and too many name changes to remember, David decided to join his wife, Mary Eadon, at their own company, Robinson Design, in 2001. However, David continued to do freelance work for Editworks for such clients as Delta Airlines, HGTV and Discovery Home Channel. With faster systems and much better editing and compositing software coming to the desktop level, David knew the economics of video production and post-production were changing rapidly. With David’s knowledge of high-end production and post-production, he believes the ground between very expensive and low budget is a place to offer a high-end production without the high-end costs. And this is the belief that he has brought to the video services at October Skies Productions. Whether it is an instructional video for IVC, U.S., a marketing DVD for Renaissance Communities’ latest property development, or a 30 second commercial for Metro Brokers, David believes each and every project demands to be treated as if it was a Hollywood blockbuster.