About Us

October Skies Productions has been built on high-quality work that is cost-effective. Our clientele can attest to the professionalism and creativity that has molded and formed our company. We are a small team that can give great attention to the individual client. We have several years of experience in video production and post-production realm. We believe that every project, no matter what the size, deserves a high-quality solution.

David Robinson
Owner, Video Editor, and Motion Graphics Artist

I began my career at a high-end post-production facility in Atlanta. There I operated top of the line, high-performance systems such as the Quantel Paintbox, the Flame compositing system, and Smoke editing system. I was involved with the design and creation of several national advertising campaigns & broadcast projects for clients such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, JWT, and the Atlanta Thrashers. These projects ranged from videos featured on websites to pre-feature film content for General Cinemas.

Now with my own company, I have used my knowledge of high-end post-production to deliver work that is of high quality AND cost-effective. My number one priority is to give great attention to the needs of the individual client to deliver a product of great value. Although I believe that talent drives the tools and not the other way around, as someone that relies very heavily on technology, it is my obligation to keep informed with the ever-changing world of video. And in that ever-changing world, I’m always looking forward to the next challenge.