Solo V2 – Product Demonstration Video

October Skies Productions is proud to announce our involvement in this product demonstration video for the Solo V2 blood glucose monitoring system. BioSense Medical Devices has developed a testing technique that simplifies the diabetic testing process for persons with visual impairment as well as other educational materials pertaining to diabetes. The Solo V2 blood glucose meter offers break through capabilities ranging from the largest display to fully audible technology.

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The Three P’s of Video Production (article)

Do you have a video production project that needs to get started and you’re just not sure how the whole process should proceed? We’ve written a short article just for you called The Three P’s of Video Production – The Production Process Explained. Click on the link below to download the PDF to learn more about the production process and make sure every aspect of your video project goes as smoothly as possible.

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Montana Skies, The Parking Spot, CHAOS!

Montana Skies
October Skies Productions is very proud to announce the completion of the Montana Skies concert DVD. OSP supervised and directed a three camera shoot of the Montana Skies’ concert at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre in Mableton, cialis sale GA. The three camera edit and DVD authoring were completed in November. Supplemental interview footage, shoot and edited by OSP, was also included on the DVD. Click here to learn more about Montana Skies. Jenn and Jon are incredibly talented!
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