The Power of Video

Jeffrey Gitomer’s excellent book The Little Red Book of Selling says it all. In a chapter about the importance of a sales video, pathopsychology Gitomer relates the following:

“I hear companies having budget fights about whether they should have a video sales tool or not. What a joke. A bunch of non-salespeople trying to dictate the future of the company, what is ed and omitting a vital tool that will carry them to success. It’s like saying “Let’s buy that big boat over there – but, information pills ah, let’s not get the engine, it costs too much.” DUH. If a video is not in your budget, gag (or fire) the bean counters, cut your own pay, or go into debt for it. It’s that valuable.

“Take your best customer with you on your next sales call. (Take them a video.)”

Video is that powerful! When produced correctly, video is an incredible marketing and sells tool. And a video that includes powerful testimonials can actually sell your service or product better than a salesperson alone can. Think about it, what’s better than existing customers telling potential customers how much they love your product or service?

The Stunning Power of High Definition Video!

The high definition (HD) video revolution is here. And it’s more affordable than you think.

With our experience and expertise in production and post-production, October Skies Productions can now deliver your next video project with up to 10 times the resolution and picture quality. We take the confusion out of HD. We’ll evaluate your project, suggest the proper solutions and deliver a creative, powerful video in jaw-dropping high definition quality – at a cost that may surprise you. Even if you’re not ready for HD, we can future-proof your project and at the same time deliver a video that fulfills your existing requirements.

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